Great Age of The Serpent Holder Began 2017 – Ophiuchus Healer Golden Gate

By Lynne Kirwan

What I am aiming to do with this article is to just give you the highlights of 2017, as there are so many cosmic activations this year, it will go into many pages to fully list them all.

I am also not giving a long explanation to each either, as I want to allow you to simply tune into the sacred energy and using it in pure way, without too much detailed explanation.

If you do need a lot of detail, then you can always Google the meaning of the alignments more fully.

I will be highlighting when there are major alignments of the Stars, as in Esoteric Astrology, the activation of planets aligning with stars, channels an enormous burst of energy down to earth at only that time, that we can harness and use for very deep healing, so do bear this in mind and attune with these dates and go to sacred sites that day, if it feels right for you to do so.

Some people believe that this year heralds the year most people have been waiting for, some believe that 2017 is the real 2012.

It promises much, yes, as much has been written about the cosmic alignments of 2012, so, I will not repeat them here, but, the cosmic alignments of 2017, will, I am sure you will agree, have much to offer too.

Great Age Serpent Holder Begins Ophiuchus Healer Golden Gate

The Golden and Silver Star Gates

Here is the information from my website about Serpent wisdom…………

Many myths link the two constellations of Orion and the Serpent Holder, which are opposite each other in the heavens. It is in these two constellations that the Milky Way intersects the Ecliptic band; these are the two Star Gates, the entry and exit gateways of the Soul’s Journey, known for thousands of years in ancient civilisations. Orion, called ‘The Gateway of Souls’ or ‘The Gate of Humans’, denotes the entry point for human souls entering incarnation on the Earth plane from the stars which is the Silver Gate and the Serpent/Dragon Gate enables the return to the stars, which is the Golden Gate.

This Golden Gate is also believed to be the gate through which the Gods descend, so think about how awesome these current times are that this is the gate that is currently being activated. It is also worth noting that St Peter in Rome holds the two keys to the Star Gates, the Silver and the Gold, so even in Christian tradition these gates were known about.

Great New Age of Aquarius, Mystic Spine and Tzolkin

The Great Ages

The year starts with us going through the Mystic Spine in the Mayan sacred calendar, [Tzolkin] from 4th January 2017 – 23rd January 2017, this is a period of time, whereby we are closer to the divine and the Kundalini energy in our spine is activated, very auspicious beginning for this sacred year of the Serpent energy!

Most people have heard of the ‘New Age of Aquarius some people feel it’s already started, some say yet to begin, as it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the constellation of Pisces starts and Aquarius ends, (The Great Ages precess backwards through the zodiac) each sign lasts approx. 2,160 years – A Great Age.

The Great Ages are usually based on the Spring Equinox point, but, if you study most of the Ancient Civilisations, the real start and end point of a Year (or Great Year) is the Winter Solstice.

So, if we take this as our starting point for the Great Ages- what we get is – that in 868 AD, the Great Age of the Serpent began.

Great Age Serpent Holder Begins Ophiuchus Healer Golden Gate

Return of The Gods

The Egyptians called this time ‘The Return of the Gods’. Will we see a return of souls to the stars?

Dragons and Serpents are believed to be the wisdom keepers, guardians of ancient knowledge, encompassing the serpent venom that heals.   This is the Holy Grail, activating stem cells and awakening our lost DNA, or lost self.

Mystery initiates were often referred to as Serpents, hence the term ‘Winged Serpent’ – the initiate with a fully awakened Serpent/Kundalini energy that has risen from the base chakra up through the crown chakra, thus entering the flight stage. The Serpent and the Eagle are both represented by the sign of Scorpio; together they blend to become the ‘Feathered Serpent’ [the illumined initiate].

The High Priestesses of Mesopotamia were believed to have descended from the Dragon Queens.   Their traditional heritage was passed on to the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece [see Laurence Gardner’s Genesis of the Grail Kings].

We should see a very powerful upsurge of healing energy due to this activation in the Serpent Holder/Healer constellation.   Many more individuals will hear the call to follow the healer/shamanistic path during this time, and help others through this symbolic rebirth process, metaphorically enacting the Serpent who eats its own tail and transforms its own being.

great age serpent holder begins ophiuchus healer golden gate

The Serpent Stargate Activation 2017

This Serpent Star Gate will be activated in 2017; some people believe this is the true 2012 New Age beginning.

This constellation has been called the Lord of Invocation, the Healer, and the Shaman, so these years will be extremely powerful, with Saturn going through the Serpent Holder, during 2017 when it will cross the Golden Star Gate.

I feel that we are truly being given the venom/sting of the serpent/dragon/ scorpion in order to bring full and complete healing/transformation. A bringing down of the false ego in order to release the true self, as the movements of the planets and stars do tell us, very graphically, what is happening in our lives.

This is very much the main theme of these years – to acknowledge your deepest fear and reclaim your power. To achieve this you will be forced to face fear in order to be free and move on.

(Photo Credit: Pamela Matthews – Copyright Pamela Matthews 2000)

What is being asked of us now is to ‘awaken’ out of our sleep and be fully alive and be true to who we really are in this wonderful time of changes. It creates choices to be made on our journey to the light in terms of what must be let go of, so may require willingness to give up or relinquish something from our lives, in order to make room for something greater to enter.

The heart must be lighter than a feather in order to enter the next phase of our journey. We must let go of any deep resentments and past bitterness that make our hearts ‘heavy’ and seize the opportunity to move on and grow amidst all the pain and trauma. To remain open-hearted in the face of where we are wounded, vulnerable to others, and not seeing clearly, is a courageous thing to do – truly the test of a strong and open heart; the current challenge of humanity.

It is as though the planets and stars at this time in history are arranging themselves to open up the ancient doorways to other dimensions. As always, the planets have a plan and work together. This awakening is being very carefully and safely orchestrated for us to achieve. It is up to us to follow their call.

13th Sign Between The Constellation of Scorpio and Sagittarius

13th Zodiac Sign Between Scorpio and Sagittarius

So, in 2017, The Great Age point will now reach the Serpent Holder, Ophiuchus, the Healer in the heavens, he holds the Great Serpent of Healing – he is Asclepius, the father of medicine in Greek myth- the God of healing- he acquired the power of bringing the dead back to life from the wisdom of The serpent (incidentally serpent venom is used today in healing)

He is called The Lord of Invocation and in medicine today they still use his symbol of the caduceus – the serpent.

So, a Great Age of the Healer now begins in 2017 and will last for at least 2,000 yrs, so a major New Cycle is about to start.

13th Zodiac Sign Between Scorpio and Sagittarius

Some people in the past have called this constellation, the 13th sign as it lies between the constellation of Scorpio and Sagittarius. His feet are just upon the ecliptic band (the circle of the zodiac)

The 13th sign is thought to be extremely powerful in the healing profession and if you are born during the time of year the Sun is in this constellation [November/December] you are considered a healer.

Hygeia Goddess of Good Health and Wellbeing

His daughter is called Hygeia – Goddess of Good Health and Wellbeing- her name is the origin of our word hygiene, meaning science of health.

An asteroid was named after her and has an orbit of 5 years, so what are the chances of her now, in 2017 transiting the constellation of her father!

She entered the Serpent he is holding on 29th October 2016, entered the body of her father on 14th December 2016 and will be journeying through his body until November 2017.

So, I feel that in 2017 there is a very powerful cosmic concentration of healing energies focused on Earth, not only to revive and restore wellness, but also to develop and restore better lifestyles for all our health and wellbeing.

A focus on Taking Responsibility for our lifestyle and its effect on our health and wellbeing.

Astrology Divine Feminine Hygeia Goddess of Healing

Saturn The Lord of Karma

As if to emphasis the point, the planet Saturn (which has an orbit of 28 years) is currently transiting the Serpent Holder- what an amazing coincidence! But some people say there’s no such thing as coincidence! This is the cosmos speaking loud and clear!

Saturn is the teacher and wise one, ‘Lord of Karma/Time’, ‘Dweller/Keeper of the Keys to the Gateway’, and ‘Master of Darkness’. Saturn represents the lessons we need to learn, what we failed to learn in past lifetimes, what we are afraid of and where our fear lies. One can always guarantee that wherever Saturn is in your chart, it highlights what and where your greatest fear is!

Where else would a good teacher focus? So, what is your greatest fear? Where do you resist change and growth? What lessons do you need to learn? Saturn forces us to learn these lessons, by facing our blockages and weaknesses, to become strong and wise.

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, all about walking your talk and bringing your visions to reality.

Saturn and The Galactic Centre of The Universe

Saturn entered the Serpent 22nd October 2013 and entered the body of the Healer in January 2015 and will Align with the Major star in his head – Ras Alhague – The Crown, on the following dates:-

12th January 2017, 11th July 2017 and 8th October 2017 – (Hygiea also aligns with this star on 3rd February 2017) very powerful dates for healing- amazing – so far that is three completely different cosmic alignments all in Ophiuchus at the same time!

Saturn leaves Ophiuchus on 20th December 2017, The Winter Solstice! Aligning with the star Sinistra as it crosses the Golden Star Gate.

The star Sinistra in the constellation of the Serpent Holder/Healer; it is on the hand holding the tail of the Serpent, at last we will have the opportunity to ‘hold, control and direct’ the Serpent/Dragon/ Kundalini power, within ourselves and in the world, as the ancients said, ‘He who conquers the Dragon/ Serpent becomes the Hero’.

Saturn spends 2 years altogether (2015 – 2017) in The Serpent Holder/Healer- so what lessons do we need to learn about self-healing? Saturn will finally leave the Serpent he is holding on 9th November 2019.

Saturn also aligns with the Galactic Centre of the Universe in 2017 too! Amazing!- this is the most powerful point in our universe – it’s the centre point that our universe revolves around – so what are the chances of this happening simultaneously with The Great Age beginning in 2017!

Saturn leaves Ophiuchus on 20th December 2017, The Winter Solstice! Aligning with the star Sinistra as it crosses the Golden Star Gate.

The star Sinistra in the constellation of the Serpent Holder/Healer; it is on the hand holding the tail of the Serpent, at last we will have the opportunity to ‘hold, control and direct’ the Serpent/Dragon/ Kundalini power, within ourselves and in the world, as the ancients said, ‘He who conquers the Dragon/ Serpent becomes the Hero’.

Galactic Centre Of Universe

Birthplace of Stars

The Galactic Centre of the universe – one of the strongest points in Astrology! This is the centre of our Milky Way, a stunning force and the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy.

The Mayans believed this centre gave birth to new stars and planets, as well as being the portal or gateway to other galaxies, the sun of our sun. It is reported to have the equivalent mass of 4 million suns, hence the extraordinary gravitational pull that holds the galaxy together.   Everything that happens in our galaxy comes from this centre in energy waves.

The dates for Saturn aligning with The Galactic Centre are: – 8th March 2017, 6th May 2017 and 25th November 2017.

It stations (stops still on it) from 6th March 2017- 8th May 2017.

These are very powerful dates, remember, Saturn is only on this point every 28 years.

The Head of the Dragon/Serpent – Zenith Star

Planets as a rule in Astrology do go backwards and forwards in their cycle, hence some degrees of the zodiac get ‘hit’ more than once.

I find as a rule, the meaning of this is just like having a teacher giving you advice, sometimes we need just telling once, sometimes three times and if we really are not listening then four to five times telling before we get the message!

Saturn aligns with Eltamin 4th December 2017. Eltamin, this star is known as ‘The Head of the Dragon/Serpent’, ‘The Eye of the Dragon’, or ‘The Great Serpent’. Situated almost exactly in the zenith of Greenwich, it is a very important star, called the Zenith Star.

At midnight on the Winter Solstice, Eltamin rises above Silbury Hill, Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge, giving rise to the dragon energy lines in these areas. Interestingly, the Avebury Stone Circle is sometimes known as the ‘Dragon’s Ring’. During this time England’s sacred sites and dragon energy lines are very powerfully activated

As I have mentioned before, I feel that we are truly being given the venom/sting of the serpent/dragon/ scorpion in order to bring full and complete healing/transformation. A bringing down of the false ego in order to release the true self, as the movements of the planets and stars do tell us, very graphically, what is happening in our lives.

Saturn aligns with Acumen 10th December 2017, Acumen is a star in the constellation of Scorpio; the sting in the tail, one of its meanings is ‘the place where we are brought down’ so a good day to ‘burn away’ where our ego is holding us back.

Saturn Enters Capricorn

Saturn will align with the degree of Atonement for Sagittarius from the 11th December 2017 – 20th December 2017 and will then enter Capricorn, the sign of the Initiate, the Master, for the next three years, heading for its rare major alignment in 2020 with Pluto the God of the underworld and Jupiter the God of power and Justice.

Saturn will be on the degree of Beginnings of Capricorn from 20th December 2017 – 28th December 2017 [see note later, about these sacred degrees]

Jupiter will enter The Serpent Holder on 8th December 2017 and will take 3 years to pass through until 12th February 2020 – the famous year, 2020.

Again, what are the chances of yet another planet going through the same constellation?

saturn enters capricorn 2017
the phoenix Fiery Road Josephine Wall

Jupiter and The Fiery Road

As Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years, so with so many different planets going through this part of the heavens, all at the same time, we are being asked to take notice about health and healing

Jupiter will be on the Fiery Road all year, until 26th December 2017 [except for brief time between May – July 2017] this is part of the zodiac the ancients called ‘the Fiery Road’

These are truly times to let go of the false self or it will control you – a period of intense transformation, literally a time of fire walking!

This implies that at this time we will be given the opportunity to transform past life memories and ‘walk the fire’ to burn away the dross, a time of initiation, of letting go of what blocks us from fully receiving.

I feel strongly, that during this year, we will struggle with the Eagle and the Serpent, the Alchemical process of transmuting Lead/Base Chakra/Serpent power into Gold/Crown Chakra/Eagle/Higher Self, with the fully opened, but strong & protected heart.

Jupiter and The Great Stars in The Constellation of Virgo

Jupiter aligns with Spica – 11th September 2017 – The Great Goddess, a gift from her.

The star Spica in the constellation of Virgo the Goddess, the Queen of the heavens, connected with Isis, this star brings spiritual advancement.

Jupiter aligns with Arcturus – 13th September 2017 – Artemis, pathfinder, the star Arcturus, brings great hope that makes all things possible.

Jupiter aligns with Khambala/Merlin – 12th November 2017, The Magician.

Jupiter aligns with Acrux – 6th December 2017 – we are at a crossroads, a time of deep insight into the mysteries, a good day for a vision quest, to answer some deep questions.

This is the ‘Cross in the Heavens’, not visible since the time of Christ, hence the symbolism of the cross. This period indicates the spiritual and material ‘cross-roads’ that we all must take, to choose rightly the path ahead of us.

This deeply mystical star, sometimes associated with the tree of life, the marriage of opposites, male/female balance, is also connected with wisdom and acknowledgement of that which blocks wisdom to flow. It creates choices to be made on our journey to the light of what must be let go of, so may require willingness to give up or relinquish something from our lives, in order to make room for something greater to enter.

Find Myself

Again, the theme of this year is to ‘shed’ the skin of the snake, ‘I must lose myself to find my Self’, ‘I must lose the life I know, in order to find my true life’. Just like Christ on the cross of matter, Acux asserts, ‘I commend my spirit to a higher force’.

Jupiter aligns with the degree of Storms on 1st – 8th August 2017.

August 2017 is a very auspicious month!

From 5th October 2017 – 10th October 2017, Jupiter is on the degree of Atonement for Libra, so, we will be reviewing how we have done in our relationships this last year on these dates.

On the winter Solstice of 2017, Jupiter will align with the scales of MAAT – weighing up your progress in 2017!

Looks like the Winter Solstice of 2017 is off the scale, with huge planetary alignments!

(Photo Credit: Pamela Matthews – Copyright Pamela Matthews 2000)

find myself

Jupiter Moves into Scorpio Serpent Gate of Power

Jupiter activates the Celtic degree of Samhain, from 26th – 30th November 2017. A period of deep inner searching and letting go, a journey inward to prepare for the light to return in readiness for the coming times ahead.

Jupiter then moves on to Scorpio’s Serpent Gate of Power from 21st – 26th December 2017.

This is the gate of transmutation, preparing the way for the coming transformation – burning away the lower ego and transforming the higher self, removing obstacles for the true heart/self to emerge – of all we are meant to be.

Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on 10th October 2017 [it will be on 0 degrees, the degree of beginnings, from 10th October 2017 – 15th October 2017] this makes for a very powerful combination, for Scorpio leads the way to the underworld, where the traditional battle of light and dark plays out, astrologers say that its placement in your birth chart is where you meet your demons.

As both Eagle and Serpent, Scorpio can bring wisdom and self-destruction, and rules the spinal Kundalini fire. Druidic initiation supposedly took place only when the Sun was in the sign of the Scorpion, hence Samhain, a time of honouring ancestral wisdom, occurs in this sign.

Remember, Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years so the chances of all these alignments happening together with all the other ones are very rare.

Nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo

The Nodal Axis North and South, Pisces and Virgo

In Spiritual Astrology these are the first things we look at in the birth chart, as they show the track your Soul is running on. The True Nodes mark the points north and south in space where the orbit of the moon crosses the sun’s path. The nodes take approx. 19 years to complete a cycle, which has links to the current lunar standstill and Stonehenge. They have a retrograde (backward) movement through the zodiac, hence they reflect karmic, past influences; in a birth chart revealing your Karmic Destiny.

Nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo

The North Node shows your spiritual destiny, where your soul is moving towards, the next lesson to be learned and the doorway to your future.   The South Node is where you have come from, the wisdom of past experiences, and the doorway to your past.

Since November 2015, the nodes have been in the signs of Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is the sign of unfolding wisdom from the past and Virgo is the sign of the Goddess. This polarity signifies the fading of the old Great Age of the last 2,000 years.

The Nodes remain in Pisces/Virgo until 9th May 2017, with planetary movement during this period further emphasising the rise of the buried wisdom of Goddess energy. Virgo represents the Earth Mother, Demeter, Isis, Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. Virgo is traditionally called the ‘Queen of the Heavens.

Nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo

The South Node Aligns with Fomalhaut

25th January 2017. This star is one of the four ‘Royal’ stars and indicates ‘Spiritual Awakening’, the ‘strength to defend and protect who and what you truly are and what you believe in’.

Which is interesting, when you consider my comments earlier about becoming the powerful being that you are and taking responsibility for that empowerment in your life.

Fomalhaut also has the meaning of a trial/initiation/ fight for a spiritual truth or ideal, it is also connected with magic and to walk the spiritual path, a karmic awakening.

Nodal axis in Pisces/Virgo

The Nodes Align with 0 Degrees of Virgo and Pisces

From 27th April 2017 – 9th May 2017

The North Node aligns with Regulus, 9th May 2017, all the work on the heart energy culminates with the Star of Kings, Cor Leonis, the Lion’s heart – this Royal Star in ancient times was associated with the birth of Divine Kings and was regarded as the most powerful star in the heavens, what Divine birth are we to await at this time?

As if to add to this, we have a Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017 close to Regulus! An amazing day!

From 9th May 2017 – 14th May 2017, the Nodes move onto the degrees of Atonement [29] for Leo and Aquarius.

The Degrees of Beginnings and Atonement

I will explain what 0 & 29 degrees mean, they are called the degrees of Beginnings and Atonement respectively. In Celtic Astrology it was believed that when a planet [or star!] moved onto zero degrees of a sign, i.e. when it enters a sign, it denotes a time of new beginnings. So when a planet hits this degree, it offers us an opportunity to ‘tell’ the planet how it can help you whilst it journeys through the sign just entered.

The planet is in an empty void, a cauldron of possibility, to be filled with positive intent for directing that planet’s energy to what you want to manifest in this new period about to begin, so it’s up to us to use that time to manifest.

Any Planet or point at 29 degrees means the potential of completing the learning process of that sign. In other words in a natal chart it shows that you have had several lifetimes of trying to complete this learning process. Now in this lifetime, the time of Atonement is upon you and this lesson must be completed in this lifetime, as in the next lifetime you must move on to the next lesson.

If it is 29 degrees Pisces, then the lesson is the learning process of the entire zodiac. You then move on to a new cycle, 0 degrees, the degree of beginnings, and a new cycle of the soul.

bridge of hope Josephine wall
Gates of Power of Leo and Aquarius

The Nodal Axis North and South, Leo and Aquarius

The Nodes move onto the Gates of Power of Leo and Aquarius from 17th December 2017 – 15th January 2018.

Gate of Power in Aquarius, has the added meaning of ‘the Angel point of Humanity’. The Gate of Power for Leo, the Lions Gate, the evolution of the true heart, the one heart. A very powerful day of the opening of the One Heart.

The eclipses this year are also spectacular, with a Lunar Eclipse on 7th August 2017 on the Gate of Power for Leo, the Lion’s Gate! A very powerful day!

Age of Aquarius

Astrologers over the centuries have associated eclipses in a deeply spiritual way, they clear away more of the earths karma, which is being ‘burned out’ by the Eclipse. Eclipses affect the earth’s electromagnetic field, so the implication of this eclipse activating the Gate of Power is enormous!

Gates of Power are the midpoint of all the fixed signs of Astrology, which have long been regarded as karmic points in Astrology.

The portent in the Heavens points to the Time of Changes, prophesied throughout the ages. Planetary movements are already underway which have the potential to lead to a final examination for humanity.

Collectively this will lead to an increasing disillusionment with technology, computers, science and the rat race.

Souls Journey

Nodal Axis True Soul’s Path

There is much upheaval to come but, if we seize the moment, we can realise our soul potential

The Nodal axis in Astrology represents our true Soul’s Path – posing for us all collectively and individually the question: “Are you actually living your soul’s purpose and walking your spiritual path?”

This question has resonated, and will keep resonating for us, for some time to come, until we have come to some kind of reconciliation to it in our own lives.

This is the point to which we are all being moved towards – or dragged screaming and kicking, depending on how you deal with this activation – by these Signs in the Heavens.

From an individual’s perspective, these movements mean clearing and cleaning out: going back to basics, eliminating what is outgrown and is no longer needed in our lives, shifting the clutter in ourselves, the environment and learning to live more simply.

Major Cosmic Events 2020

In essence, what this is saying is: “What do I have to let go of in order to be transformed”?

This year’s major cosmic events will hit human consciousness in a way we have not experienced before.

Finally, some Astrologers are asking people to have a three year plan, as 2020 has some amazing energies and opportunities…….

  • January, Saturn conjuncts Pluto, 22 degrees Capricorn
  • June, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn
  • November, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 22, Capricorn
  • December – Winter Solstice, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on O degrees Aquarius, the New Age Begins.

The last time we had 3 major planets in Capricorn, the Berlin wall came down and Nelson Mandela was freed, to name just a few events………plan your journey well in the next three years.

So, hear the message they are trying to tell us, for they will be communicating much more deeply than ever at this time to help us on our journey.

Please ‘tune in’, as you have to ‘tune in’ in order to hear their messages, so hear and look around you with expanded awareness.

We should also see a very powerful upsurge of healing energy due to all this activation in the Serpent Holder/Healer constellation.

Many more people will hear the call to follow the path of healers/shamans during this time, to help people through this symbolic rebirth processes at these times.

What a year ahead! Just as well we are preparing for it!

Photo Credit: All images from original paintings by Josephine Wall – see them all at

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