Astrological Personal and Educational Services

Learn how these Astrological Services in Psychological and Spiritual Astrology can bring about profound change and healing transformation in your life.


“Charting a course through life – Bringing Ancient Wisdom into the 21st century.”

Explore Psychological and Spiritual Astrology, as a powerful healing transformational force for change and growth in your life. The study of Astrology results in a greater understanding of ourselves and others. Also a deeper awareness of the world around us and a rediscovery of the parts of us that have been forgotten, and that lie buried within each of us. Astrology is the art of understanding oneself and our relationships with others. It reveals the windows of opportunity that lie ahead and the knowledge this provides can empower you to take control of your life.


Astrological Profiles

These Professional Astrological reports all come in a presentation folder. They make a wonderful gift for you, your family and friends as a comprehensive introduction to your birth-chart.

Personality Profile

Your birth-chart is a blueprint of the planets at the time and place of birth. An interpretation of their positions explains how each one helps to shape our personalities. This profile reveals the inner you, analyses your strengths and shows you how to take advantage of your potential and much more!

Personality Report

Basic £30
Medium £40
Full £60

Relationship Profile

Synastry is the analysis of relationships. It can advise us about how we get along with others, including points of harmony and discord. This report helps you to understand what your approach is to relationships and how to make the best out of them.  It also analyses your specified relationship, how you affect each other and how the specified person approaches you and their relationships with others. The profile can be used for all types of relationships e.g. friends, lovers business colleagues, children, etc.

Relationship Report £30

Current Events Profile

This transit analysis will provide you with a report of current and future opportunities and challenges. A look at what’s in store for the coming months.


Transit Report

6 months ahead £25
One year ahead £40


Mayan Oracle

Your personal Mayan oracle, done by hand, with all information sent to you. £40


Profiles will be delivered to you, allow 28 days for delivery.


Birth-chart £10
Draconic Chart £20
Solar Return chart £10 – [Including a Basic Chart Interpretation – £20]

All birth charts are calculated using Campanus house system. Please specify if other house systems are required e.g. Placidus, Equal, Koch, etc.

Astrological Counselling

£12 per 15 minutes
For specific questions you may wish to ask concerning your life and birth-chart.
Highly recommended service is a combination of the above with ‘Spiritual Path’ for looking at the hidden reasons behind current crisis points in life.


Past Life Therapy

£12 per 15 minutes
Healing the past. This can be done with or without a birth-chart. Looking at how past lives have affected this life and how to heal this. Can also be used for past issues in this life. This service can be provided individually or in groups.
If working with your birth-chart, this service needs to be combined with ‘Past Lives’.


Mentoring/Private Tuition

£12 per 15 minutes
This service is provided for students and anyone who wishes to have private teaching sessions on their birth-chart or on any aspect of Astrology. This service can also include Life Coaching.


Spiritual Analysis of the Birth-chart

£40 – This is not an interpretation, this service enhances the in depth consultancy services as it highlights the important spiritual information that your birth-chart holds about you.

An added service of – Finding your Star System – £40


Emerald Fire Soul Counselling

£8 per 15 minutes. A deeply empowering system of accessing your deep Ancestral Wisdom, working with Ancient Goddess Archetypes.



These services are very powerful, as they go deeper into your birth-chart, they are subject to availability and need to be booked a few months in advance due to the detailed nature of this work, as these are all individually crafted by hand.

You need to also order a birth-chart and spiritual analysis for these services. When the work is finished, you will need to book a consultation with me, cost is £12 per 15 minutes.

The fee for each service is £100.

Karmic Purpose

A look at Karma and your Souls Purpose in your birth-chart.  Looking at what you have brought with you into this life and what you are here to do for the growth of your soul.


Past Lives

To date and briefly interpret the main Past Lives which affect this life, giving details of the karmic lessons therein.


Life-Time Script

For looking at key dates and events in this lifetime, which can start as far back as conception and go on to the latter years of this life. This service includes the influence of people around you; the Psychological and Emotional effect they have had on your life and how this can be worked on. This service can also include Inner Child work.


Karmic Connections

A look at Karmic links between birth-charts of people you are connected with. This can show how many lives you have had together, when that connection was and what the karmic connection is between you and how to work positively with this.


Spiritual Path

A look at what is happening in your life at the moment. Looking at major changes that may be happening and the higher reason for these changes in your life. Understanding Crises and Karma as guidance for spiritual direction and progress. Covers up to one year ahead.

Please state which service you require on ordering. Contact me regarding cost of your order and address to which to send your order. If ordering an in depth service you will need to include the cost of Birth Chart and Analysis [and time check if required].

You will be contacted when the work is completed to make an appointment for the consultation, the cost of which is payable at the end.

The sessions may be taped [recommended]. Please bring recording equipment and blank tapes to cover the session.

Check your birth data first before ordering.

If this fails, time of birth calculation is offered, but this service is only offered if all the birth time suggestions have been pursued first.

All of the services that are offered are completely dependent on accurate birth data i.e.Time, Location and Date. Time needs to be accurate to within 4 minutes if you want a correct birth chart, if in any doubt ask family members what they can remember. Check hospital records (even if the place of birth is no longer there) records will be kept in the medical records department of the maternity unit of the local health authority of birth. Location also needs to be exact


Time of Birth Calculation Service

This service is offered to those wishing to know their time of birth, if there is no record of the time now in existence. Please write in your own handwriting all the relevant information you have been told about your time of birth, however vague, any information sent will be helpful.

Hour and minute of birth £10
Hour, minute and day of birth £15

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