Astrology and the Year of Transition 2017


Astrology and the Stars of the 21st Century By Lynne Kirwan



The last few years have been very powerful times for us all.  How have we done?  Much has happened both externally in the world and internally within us, leading to questions such as: Are we ready now to truly walk our spiritual path? Are we prepared? Have we heard the call?


Recent years have been all about preparing for returning to our centre of origin, reconnecting with the source within, and living the life that reflects who and what we truly are.  Astrologically, the last few years have been about bringing to the surface what stops us from doing this, recognising what prevents us from feeling integrated and connected to the universe.  We are being asked to heal and release that which within us has blocked our source of abundance, happiness and connectedness from naturally flowing.


It is the end of our ’sleep’ the end of our illusion, of being in the dark, the end of our not knowing who we really are, the awakening of our true Self, our coming back into the light.  This is what the fear really is, the fear of waking up!  The fear of walking into the light, to quote Plato: – ’we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life is when humanity is afraid of the light.’

Remember that it always seems darkest just before the dawning of the light.  Now, I believe, the time of being asleep is coming to an end. The universe around us is giving us the sign that now is the long awaited time that humanity will awake from its sleep.

This is the time of the Awakening of our True Divinity

This may explain why some people are having strange physical and emotional imbalances at this time. Impending change is reflected in the way the solar system is behaving in these years; by watching the heavens you can see this process happening very clearly.

We must be ready to take a quantum leap into the next cycle, not carry unnecessary baggage with us, and make our journey lighter and our travel more comfortable.  My feeling is that major preparation began in 1998 with a huge wake up call. The pressure to change and grow has increased in frequency year by year, due to heightened planetary vibration…. This, of course, has also affected our molecular structure, as our two-strand DNA is being reconnected back to its original form.  Some people say that we originally had a 13-strand DNA; some say more and some less.

For instance, there are some very potent sunspots happening, which will increase the energy field on Earth.  There are also reports of extraordinary changes happening to the planets in our solar system during these times, which suggests that we are in amazing times of powerful energy surges through the universe.  It seems as if the planets are urging us to realign with the true planetary grid.  Expect to be challenged to face what’s blocking you from realigning.

This past year has been largely concerned with reclaiming back the power that we have given away at various times in our past.  To acknowledge that ‘yes, we are powerful’ is a very difficult thing to do; this means that we have to stop being victims, take back complete and full responsibility for ourselves and the choices we make.  By the end of this period in time, what is being asked of us is not only to reclaim our heritage (i.e. our power and wisdom), but also live this in our lives.  It is one thing to believe we are powerful, but it takes quite another leap to own that power from the heart.



To use our power is our greatest fear.  We make so many excuses not to use it, yet alone own it … difficult enough even to get to that stage!  It is our fear of using our power that predominates.  And, of course, fear wastes much of our energy.  But use this power we must, for we are being asked to take full responsibility for the custodianship of planet Earth. We must take Gaia and ourselves into the next cycle.  Where we do not go, the Earth does not go either, are we not one and the same?  For ‘Peace on Earth’ will not exist if it does not begin with you.  The world mirrors what we are.  Remember the motto of the Grail Knights, “work on yourself and you will serve the world”.

Balance within brings harmony to the world; by releasing your blocks to happiness and joy, you release the same for the world; and by reconnecting with your spiritual centre of origin, you allow the Earth to reconnect with the Cosmos.  Universal law says, don’t try to change the world, just change yourself and you will change the world.

Many people seem to fear what this is going to mean to us on planet earth, thinking that it means the end of the world, as we know it.  Yes, I suppose in a way this is true, but not in the way it is sometimes represented.  Yes, it is the end of the world as we know it, but not of the external world, that will always go on changing and growing.

In other words, reclaiming our own personal power, this of course, brings enormous responsibility – for owning that power and how it is used. This I feel, is the real fear, this burden of taking full responsibility for who we really are.

We do so many things to keep ourselves in the dark, in order not to recognise that we are powerful beings.  Which means we do not have to take ownership, therefore ‘I do not have to take responsibility for who I am’?  So we keep ourselves in illusion, living the scripts that other people give us. It’s safe that way, but it means we do not live the life we are meant to live. This seems to be the role that many people have agreed to play. They have chosen not to wake up.

Remember that it always seems darkest just before the dawning of the light.  Now, I believe, the time of being asleep is coming to an end. The universe around us is giving us the sign that now is the long awaited time that humanity will awake from its sleep.

These past few years will have highlighted where we are out of balance in our relationships with others and ourselves, where we experience internal conflict, what blocks and irritates us from within.  Have we done the necessary work to make way for new beginnings in our relationships?  We need to be ready, in order to move on with the new energy coming in at this time.  I feel we are being challenged to realign our soul’s path with that of true balance between self and others, to be aware of our boundaries.  Are we truly living our own soul’s path, or walking that of our ‘significant other/s’?

The influences of people and past circumstances, such as parents or partners, ancestral/family scripts, past life contracts, or promises made long ago with others in order to get our needs met, can all bind us if they are no longer useful.  To prepare us for the next stage in our journey, we must let go of spiritual, emotional and mental ‘contracts’ that hold us down, keep us in the past and have no relevance to our purpose today.  Now is the time to fly. We need to be ‘in balance’ in order to withstand the forthcoming awesome transformation.

Astrology can provide helpful guidance in trying to make sense of such changes in our lives; here are some insights to current planetary movements….


Neptune the Mystic

The sign of Pisces carries all of the karmic wisdom of the past and it now has its own planet, Neptune in this sign for 14 years.

Chiron is also currently in Pisces, this is relatively new planet or planetoid, as some people call it, discovered in 1977.  Known as the wounded healer, Chiron shows where you are damaged, wounded and vulnerable. ‘If you deny anything in yourself, you will attract it from outside and call it fate’ Carl Jung.  In coming to terms with this wound, you then become the healer and Chiron will show your gifts as a healer, and so it transforms into the shaman and becomes your ‘path’ in life.

The Centaurs in Greek mythology came from another dimension, they were cosmic healers come to heal our wounds.  Chiron as a planetoid did not originate from our solar system.  It was captured from outer space and pulled into our system and will leave at some point in the future.  So Chiron represents the function of being different, alone in a crowd, not the same.  How you deal with this, is the key to your healing.  So it has come to heal the concept of differences and of being different and healing this in our world, in ancient and modern traditions, the ‘wounded’ one of the tribe is the one chosen to become the shaman, as they know how to overcome and deal with pain and take the pain away from the tribe.

Neptune is the Mystic, the ability to see through illusion, the longing for the Soul union.  We are beginning now to see through the illusion of our blocks and challenge our core beliefs, in order to clearly see who and what we truly are.

This can be a painful process of seeing the cracks starting to appear in our false defensive armour that we have happily lived in most of our lives in order to cope and survive.  Now the call is ‘these have served their purpose’ and need to be shattered and let go of, or they will destroy you.  As now, instead of feeling safe in this ‘armour’ you will start to feel imprisoned by it.  It will start to close in on you. As you are being called now to grow, you will start to outgrow this defensive armour, so who is going to crack first, the armour or you?

Uranus is the magician, the awakener

Uranus challenges us to go beyond our fear and break free of the restrictions we surround ourselves with is now in the initiative sign of Aries for 7 years…is at its most powerful, awakening the chakras and our DNA for moving forward

We currently have  the planet Pluto transiting Capricorn, [since 2008] Pluto is all about transforming what is not working and Capricorn is about Rulers, authority figures, banking, riches, mineral wealth.

Since Pluto has been in Capricorn, we have seen all these things being re-evaluated the world and in a lot of cases, brought down, when they have been found wanting.


Pluto the Transformer

Pluto rules what lies underneath and brings to the surface what is buried; beliefs and feelings that we hide, which simmer below the surface ready to emerge and can explode volcanically into reality.  What you believe is ‘secure’ in your life is being challenged at this time to see if they are ‘real’, if not, they will be ‘shaken’.

Pluto also rules earthquakes, volcanoes and nuclear energy, including plutonium, so we have a very strong power blast coming through to Earth from the cosmos, offering the potential for complete transformation.  Pluto ultimately leads to empowerment through the shamanistic journey and calls us to face the fears that bring us down.

Pluto transforms, requiring surrender, much like the caterpillar before it is transmuted into a butterfly and a letting go of what we cannot control is the key to working with Pluto, in order to be freed from fear.  It is the Phoenix, what needs to die in order to be reborn.  Expect to see powerful changes in individuals and on planet Earth. Maybe this will be a time of extraterrestrial contact.

This will be a direct challenge to us all, which will start the process of profound changes, are we ready to be transformed and realigned back to our divine mission here on earth, to ‘wake up’ to who we really are

Yet, our monarchy seems to have been transformed and over lighted with a divine light in preparation to lead England into the new age.

I was very privileged to have known Sir George Trevelyan {1906-1996] England’s Mystic, founder of the Wrekin trust, he was an amazing man, I was very honoured to have been personally chosen by him to be his healer for a while, which for me, was one of the highlights of my career.

He over lighted the energy of St Michael and I always remember him saying that England would lead the way to the coming new age.

To the Ancients in the East, The north, [England] was regarded as the most powerful and the most sacred direction, it was where the Gods lived, heaven; it represented all secrets, darkness and the unknown.

The Ancients believed that when major planets activate the Royal Stars, it heralds times of deep changes in the world.

The Royal Stars “Watchers of the Heavens’

It is truly remarkable that Regulus, the Lions heart, the heart chakra, is the last of the four Royal Stars to move out of a fixed sign; the others have already moved into mutable signs. Fixed signs have always been tied to karma, and being very ‘fixed’ in one’s attitude.

In 2012, Regulus moved into a mutable sign, this is the last of the Royal Stars to move out of fixed signs and into Mutable which are all about being flexible and going with the flow, the most tolerant of all the signs. Regulus moving into Virgo correlates exactly with the Mayan date of their New Age, which the stars echo and confirm.

This is very reassuring and feels like the true start of a ‘New Age’ of light and peace. Virgo is the only sign with a divinity as its symbol, the Great Mother Goddess – so in 2012 a new age of 2,150 years of connecting to the Heart of the Goddess begins, as the Royal Star Regulus enters Virgo.

Notably, it takes approx. 2,150 years for a fixed star to move into a new sign, the same amount of time as a Great Age

The four Royal Stars, called the ‘Watchers of the Heavens’, each one represented by an Archangel, Evangelist, the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, were the ‘Four Guardians of Heaven’.

They mark the four directions and represented the four Solstice and Equinox points in the four cardinal signs of action, from approximately 3,000BC to 851BC.


Royal Star Archangel/


Angel Watcher Represents Entered Fixed


Entered Mutable




Protection East Honour and Integrity Taurus 851BC Gemini 1299AD


Light West Heart of the Scorpion Scorpio 850BC Sagittarius 1300AD


Initiation South The Spiritual Path Aquarius 426BC Pisces 1724AD


Healing North Heart of the Lion Leo




Aldebaran is Archangel Michael. He Who Is God, who brings light and Protection, and the evangelist St Luke, it is the watcher of the East and represents Honour and Integrity, it represents the Eye Of God in the Heavens, it is a magical star in the heavens.

We are currently in the age of Archangel Michael from 1879-2234; those who are awakening are being called by Archangel Michael.

Saturn is the teacher and wise one, ‘Lord of Karma/Time’, ‘Dweller/Keeper of the Keys to the Gateway’, and ‘Master of Darkness’.  Saturn represents the lessons we need to learn, what we failed to learn in past lifetimes, what we are afraid of and where our fear lies: ‘Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our deepest treasure’ [Rainer Maria Rilke].

One can always guarantee that wherever Saturn is in your chart, it highlights what and where your greatest fear is!  Where else would a good teacher focus?  So, what is your greatest fear?  Where do you resist change and growth?  What lessons do you need to learn?  Saturn forces us to learn these lessons, by facing our blockages and weaknesses, to become strong and wise, Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, all about walking your talk and bringing your visions to reality

The Pleiades

On the theme of star movements, much has been written about the Pleiades – also know as the Seven Sisters, or the Seven Doves of Venus, Goddess of Love – on the shoulder of the constellation of Taurus the Bull.  Many of the world’s most advanced ancient cultures have honoured the Pleiades; some believe that we are seeded from these stars, that the first humans were descended from the seven women whom the Pleiades represent.

The Mayans watched and tracked the movement of the Pleiades, especially the main star of the group, Alcyone.

When the sun annually passed over Alcyone, they called it ‘the day of no shadows’; on this day the sun makes its serpent-like pass over their step pyramids.  When Alcyone moved signs it meant the beginning of their next Great Age.

The position of the Pleiades at this time is very significant.  In approximately 151BC, Alcyone moved into Taurus, remaining there until the year 2000 when, for the first time in 26,000 years, it moved into Gemini.

For most of the 20th century, Alcyone was on the degree of Atonement, 29º Taurus, (since 1928), marking a time of Atonement of fixed views.  For instance, Hitler was a Taurus Sun sign and most of the so-called tyrants of his generation had Taurus strongly placed.  So what are we learning from this?

Notably, as Alcyone moves into Gemini, a mutable sign, the sign at the doorway to wisdom, at the beginning of the 21st century, there is now a move to more tolerant and flexible society.

The ancients believed that the Pleiades were the central Sun, the ’Guardians of the Sky’, around which the universe revolved. In mythology, Orion, ‘God in the Heavens’ is linked to these stars of the Goddess.

The Greeks recognised the Pleiades star system to be strongly connected to Atlantis – meaning daughter of Atlas. She is Alcyone. The importance of the Pleiades is embodied in their myth of Europa and the Bull. In one version of the story, Zeus [Jupiter] fell in love with Europa, daughter of Phoenix, the King of Atlantis. Turning himself into a gentle shining white bull, Zeus captivates and falls in love with Europa [the dove comprising the seven sisters], who gives birth to Mercury.  This golden child heralds in the Golden Age of wisdom and peace – the Age of Aquarius.

The implications are that Earth will be flooded with energy from beyond the Star Gate. The Pleiades represent the heart chakra, love, linked with the planet Venus.  Alignments to the Pleiades accelerate the transformation of our molecular 12-strand DNA structure.  These stars are concerned with working to heal and restore our DNA, hence the calendar countdown – they wish to restore what was lost in Atlantean times.

In Astrology if the Pleiades are prominent in your birth chart, you have strong links with the archetype of the ‘rescuer’, the healer/shaman.

Constellation of Orion

Recent research reveals that in the constellation of Orion, the figure’s hand points to the Star Gate that has traditionally represented the ‘Doorway/Gateway to Heaven’.  Orion holds the key, which is the Ankh.

Many ancient legends and prophecies suggest that when there is planetary activity around the sacred space of Orion, particularly the Star Gate to which he points, it always proclaims a time of change.  The Egyptians looked ahead to this time and called it ‘The Return of the Gods’.

 Orion has in ancient times been called, amongst many names, the constellation of the King, ‘God in the Heavens’ and ‘The Lord of Time’.  Now, for the first time in recorded history, the belt of Orion is aligned on the celestial meridian.  The sun now activates these Star Gates on the summer and winter solstice points, making this time in history extremely important.  For the first time in 26,000 years, Orion/Osiris carries the solstice sun across the Milky Way on the galactic equator (the centre point of the Milky Way).

In Christian tradition, Orion is symbolised by Saint Christopher, normally depicted on the north wall of a church, so that you see him as you enter the church, carrying the light of the world over his shoulder across the river.  Look at church icons of St Christopher to see if there is a serpent on his left leg, symbolising the two Star Gates of Orion and the Serpent Holder.

Fixed Star Menkalinan

Beyond the Star Gate to where Orion points is the constellation Auriga.  The star to where he is pointing is the fixed star Menkalinan – the second brightest star in Auriga.

Interestingly, it is believed that the pyramids were built to mirror Orion’s celestial belt. In approximately 2,450BC, Menkalinan was the star towards where the Great Pyramid’s capstone pointed – towards the same star as Orion. So, by highlighting Orion so obviously and making a point of directing our gaze to Auriga, what were the Egyptians trying to tell us? Is this ‘heaven’ – our place of origin, perhaps?

In 2006, Menkalinan moved into Cancer for the first time in approximately 26,000 years.  Menkalinan has been in the sign Gemini, the sign of Knowledge and of the struggle of the light and dark twin, the mortal, as opposed to the immortal, for the last 2,150 years, since approximately 144BC.  It was on the degree of Atonement for Gemini from 1934 to 2006.

Now, for most of the 21st century, Menkalinan will be on the very same Star Gate that Orion points to, on 0 degrees Cancer – the sign that has often been referred to as the womb, the cauldron, the chalice of the divine child/seed of God.  On this degree of beginnings, this century will be a very powerful time to manifest the seed of God/Goddess within us.

So each year this century, the Summer Solstice sun crosses this Star Gate. The possibility of this happening simultaneously is amazing, reinforcing the view that we are most certainly experiencing an important time of great changes.

So is this the time when the doors of heaven are well and truly going to open?  Will it be the time of the return of the Gods, as the Egyptians, looking ahead to this time in history, predicted?  Is this what they were trying to tell us by highlighting these stars in the way they built the pyramids?  Were they leaving a message in stone to us, their descendants, to prepare us to be ready in time?


Galactic Centre of the Universe

The Galactic Centre of the universe – one of the strongest points in Astrology!  This is the centre of our Milky Way, a stunning force and the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy.

 The Mayans believed this centre gave birth to new stars and planets, as well as being the portal or gateway to other galaxies, the sun of our sun.  It is reported to have the equivalent mass of 4 million suns, hence the extraordinary gravitational pull that holds the galaxy together.  Everything that happens in our galaxy comes from this centre in energy waves.

I expect to see a deep activation of the Kundalini/Serpent emerging from within us all, as our buried power and wisdom come forth to be shared with all humanity.  It is as if remembrance of the Serpent/Dragon energy that has lain asleep, both in us and in the landscape, now awakens!

The reasons for experiencing so much balancing and release of blocked energies over the past few years will gain greater clarity.  We will understand it was a necessary preparation to become a clear channel and well-grounded in readiness for the Kundalini to awaken and rise within us.

Many myths link the two constellations of Orion and the Serpent Holder, which are opposite each other in the heavens.  It is in these two constellations that the Milky Way intersects the ecliptic band; these are the two Star Gates, the entry and exit gateways of the soul’s journey, known for thousands of years in ancient civilisations.  Orion, called ‘The Gateway of Souls’ or ‘The Gate of Humans’, denotes the entry point for human souls entering incarnation on the Earth plane from the stars, the Silver Gate and the Serpent/Dragon enables the return to the stars, the Golden Gate.

This gate is also believed to be the gate through which the Gods descend, so think about how awesome these current times are that this is the gate that is activated in December. It is also worth noting that St Peter in Rome holds the two keys to the Stargates, the Silver and the Gold, so even in Christian tradition these gates were known about.

Return of the Gods

As previously mentioned, the Egyptians called this time ‘The Return of the Gods’.  Will we see a return of souls to the stars?  In alchemical terms, we will go through a symbolic ‘death’ of our old life/ego to be reborn or transmuted into spirit. As the old sages said, ‘You must lose yourself to find your Self’. In the 8th Labour of Hercules, ‘We rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering and we gain by giving up’ [Alice Bailey].

At last we will have the opportunity to ‘hold, control and direct’ the Serpent/Dragon/ Kundalini power, within ourselves and in the world.  As the ancients said, ‘He who conquers the Dragon/ Serpent becomes the Hero’.

Dragons and Serpents are believed to be the wisdom keepers, guardians of ancient knowledge, encompassing the serpent venom that heals.  This is the Holy Grail, activating stem cells and awakening our lost DNA, or lost self.

Mystery initiates were often referred to as Serpents, hence the term ‘Winged Serpent’ – the initiate with a fully awakened Serpent/Kundalini energy that has risen from the base chakra up through the crown chakra, thus entering the flight stage.  The Serpent and the Eagle are both represented by the sign of Scorpio; together they blend to become the ‘Feathered Serpent’ [the illumined initiate].

The High Priestesses of Mesopotamia were believed to have descended from the Dragon Queens.  Their traditional heritage was passed on to the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece [see Laurence Gardner’s Genesis of the Grail Kings].We should see a very powerful upsurge of healing energy due to this activation in the Serpent Holder/Healer constellation.  Many more individuals will hear the call to follow the healer/shamanistic path during this time, and help others through this symbolic rebirth process, metaphorically enacting the Serpent who eats its own tail and transforms its own being.


True 2012 New Age Beginning

This Serpent Star Gate will be activated in 2017; some people believe this is the true 2012 New Age beginning

This constellation has been called the Lord of Invocation, the Healer, and the Shaman, so the next three years will be extremely powerful, with Saturn going through the Serpent holder, leading the way to 2017 when it will cross the Golden Star Gate.

Scorpio leads the way to the underworld, where the traditional battle of light and dark plays out. Astrologers say that its placement in your birth chart is where you meet your demons. As both Eagle and Serpent, Scorpio can bring wisdom and self-destruction, and rules the spinal Kundalini fire. Druidic initiation supposedly took place only when the Sun was in the sign of the Scorpion, hence Samhain/Halloween, a time of honouring ancestral wisdom, occurs in this sign.

As I have mentioned before, I feel that we are truly being given the venom/sting of the serpent/dragon/ scorpion in order to bring full and complete healing/transformation.  A bringing down of the false ego in order to release the true self, as the movements of the planets and stars do tell us, very graphically, what is happening in our lives.

This is very much the main theme of these next 4 years – to acknowledge your deepest fear and reclaim your power.  To achieve this you will be forced to face fear in order to be free and move on.

What is being asked of us now is to break down the barriers we have put around ourselves in communicating with others, through fear of rejection of our true selves if we communicate from the heart.  To dare to say what we truly mean, to express those feelings that we really want to share.  This is all about clearing the way where we are still not seeing clearly, breaking down the illusions that we surround ourselves with, focusing on how we see ourselves.  Are we seeing ourselves clearly?  Or are we in illusion/asleep?  What scripts are we really playing in our lives?  Our own script, or that which others have placed in us to play out, which we are now living out and have forgotten this; are we are playing someone else’s script/life and not our own?

Also what is being asked of us now is to ‘awaken’ out of our sleep and be fully alive and be true to who we really are in this wonderful time of changes.  It creates choices to be made on our journey to the light in terms of what must be let go of, so may require willingness to give up or relinquish something from our lives, in order to make room for something greater to enter.

Again, the theme of this time is to ‘shed’ the skin of the snake, ‘I must lose myself to find my Self’, and ‘I must lose the life I know, in order to find my true life’.  The heart must be lighter than a feather in order to enter the next phase of our journey.  We must let go of any deep resentments and past bitterness that make our hearts ‘heavy’ and seize the opportunity to move on and grow amidst all the pain and trauma.  To remain open-hearted in the face of where we are wounded, vulnerable to others, and not seeing clearly, is a courageous thing to do – truly the test of a strong and open heart; the current challenge of humanity.

It is as though the planets and stars at this time in history are arranging themselves to open up the ancient doorways to other dimensions.  As always, the planets have a plan and work together.  This awakening is being very carefully and safely orchestrated for us to achieve.  It is up to us to follow their call, by working with Saturn to clear the heart and spine, to enable the life force to move up safely from the base to the crown.

Some people believe that we entered a deep cave of integration in 2003 and that we will emerge into the light in 2024 [which incidentally is when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters the sign of Aquarius, emerging into the New age, so astrologically we will feel ‘lighter’!]

Every 19 years we have a Major Luna Standstill {moon reaches its maximum highest & lowest position in the sky] the last one was in 2006 & the next one will be in 2025, in between, about 9 years later, we have a Minor Lunar Standstill [when the moon reaches its minimum highest & lowest position in the sky in a 19 year period]

Finally, some Astrologers are asking people to have a four year plan, as 2020 has some amazing energies and opportunities…….

January, Saturn conjuncts Pluto, 22 degrees Capricorn

June, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn

November, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 22, Capricorn

December – Solstice, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn on O degrees Aquarius, the New Age Begins.

The last time we had 3 major planets in Capricorn, the Berlin wall came down and Nelson Mandela was freed, to name just a few events, so………plan your journey well in the next 4 Years

Copyright. Lynne Kirwan

Photo Credit: All images from original paintings by Pamela Matthews – see them all at Pamela Matthews 2000

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