Astrology Healing Workshops

AstroRainbow has been running day and weekend workshops and retreats since 1986 on a wide range of subjects, which can be turned into ongoing courses.


Ancestral Healing, Connecting with Your Ancestors

This is the most powerful healing system in the world today and the most important to be doing at the moment. Our ancestral script is encoded in our DNA & subtle energy body. So if any ancestor is calling for healing at this time, this is a wonderful opportunity to heal this ancestor. By doing so, this will automatically, not only heal you and your family, but also, at the same time, all others who are connected by DNA to your ancestor, in other words, the world!

We will be looking at your Ancestral script, how it affects you & in turn how this then affects your family & the world.

Our Ancestral and family script is encoded in our DNA and our subtle energy body, which is currently being transformed, which makes it even more important now to heal this script. We shall be exploring the healing of your ancestral line.

The focus of the cosmic energies at this time is recharging, restructuring and upgrading our DNA. We have already been feeling this in our bodies & energy fields in recent years.

This is the most powerful healing that can be done at this time, as you will not only be healing yourself and your family, but all the people who have the same ancestral line as you, literally hundreds of people!

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Working with the Moon

We will be working with the Moon and finding ways in which we can work more closely with the moons cycles.

We shall be looking at such things like the phases of the moon, the eight festivals of the year, the progressed moon cycle in our lives and how this effects us, so a day of connecting with your moon sign in a deeper way.

A good day to do some very deep healing

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Chiron the Shaman The Wounded Healer

This workshop takes us on a journey of initiation to come to terms with the wounded part of ourselves, to face it, accept it and reintegrate it.

This journey can bring about a profound healing experience and also bring to the surface our buried ability to not only heal ourselves but heal others too

As the greatest healers in all cultures were chosen from the wounded one of the tribe as the one who is wounded, knows the secret of healing.

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Karmic Astrology

On this workshop we will be looking at how to look at the birth chart from a karmic point of view. out what is your Souls Purpose.

What lessons you came into this life to learn.
How to interpret and date your past lives.

We shall be also looking deeply at the past life that has most affected this lifetime.
Some knowledge of the basics of Astrology will help you to get the most out of this workshop.

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Photo Credit: Josephine Wall

AstroRainbow also offers these on request:

  • Psychological Astrology
  • Experiential Astrology
  • Esoteric Astrology
  • Planetary Meditations / Journeying
  • Inner Journeying
  • Mayan Calendar Workshops
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Asteroid Goddesses
  • Healing your DNA / Cosmic Coding / Soul Retrieval
  • Freeing the Inner Child
  • The Descent of the Goddess
  • Connecting with your Star System
  • Sacred Circle Dance
  • Introduction to Healing
  • Introduction to Colour Healing

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