Asteroid Goddess Workshops From An Astrological and Psychological Perspective

We are in profound times of change and growth. These times are never easy, and can have a dramatic effect on our relationship with others and ourselves. The Asteroid Goddess Workshops are timed and chosen to help to prepare you for the changes ahead, but most importantly, to give you a safe space to be. Also to be with others in the same place as you, to share our journeys, and to grow and support one another, in these amazing times of transformation and growth.

On these courses, we will explore the mythology of each of the Goddesses. Interpret the Astrological meaning of these Goddesses in your chart. Working with these Asteroids can bring about an awakening of the Inner Divine Feminine. Experience for yourself the energy and power of each of the Goddesses within you.

These one day workshops are open to all, but some knowledge of Astrology will enhance the experience.

You will learn:

  • What the specific Asteroid Goddess Divine Feminine energy is?
  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can I make use of this energy in my life?
  • How to activate this energy within for self healing?


Asteroid Goddess Workshops

Pythia – Serpent High Priestess of Delphi

Pythia is a Serpent High Priestess, she represent your ability to see clearly into the future to be able to understand the deep significance of Symbolism. Pythia helps to recognize the symptoms in healing and the ability to understand what they mean.

On this workshop you will learn how to work with Pythia’s energy presented both from an Astrological and Psychological perspective, thus working inwardly and outwardly, in order to prepare you for the changing times ahead.

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Ceres Goddess of the Earth, The Earth Mother

Ceres shows how you were nurtured as a child and, in turn how well you nurture yourself now, as an adult. By working with Ceres, we can throw light on eating disorders, digestive problems and the occurrence of food allergies.

Ceres shows your relationship with the earth, and of course your body, how earthed are you?

In this workshop we will explore how we nurture ourselves and others.

We will reconnect to our own source of healing and wholeness and to the earth itself. Nurturing is an important issue in this time of change, as the body is going through a powerful transformation, so this workshop will help you go through this process positively.

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Athena Goddess of Wisdom, Liberated Femininity

Athena represents the logical, self assured woman, the warrior woman, who has no fear to be in a mans world and be true to herself.

Athena is a powerful role model for women today, as she shows how to stand firm in your power, be fully protected and powerful, be sure and clearheaded about herself and know how and what needs to be done.

This workshop will help to release your inner wisdom and feminine power and show how and where in your life you can channel this to achieve your goals.

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Vesta Goddess of Fire, The High Priestess


Vesta represent the transformative power of the Divine Flame that burns within us all.

Vesta symbolizes the power of Sacred Sexuality in Women.

On this workshop we will explore why this Sacred power has been suppressed and how we can now reawaken this Inner fire to transform and heal our lives

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Demeter, Athena & Vesta are 3 of 27 Goddess images which make up the Goddess-a-Day divination card deck from original paintings by Pamela Matthews – see them all at – all Goddess images Copyright Pamela Matthews 2000.

Pandora Goddess of the Shadows, Illuminating the Dark

The Courage to face what is hidden within ourselves.

Pandora brings to light all that is hidden and buried within ourselves, she reveals what we find difficult to come to terms with, good and bad, and through releasing this, we become whole and empowered.

We will be exploring how we feel about opening our Pandora’s Box and examine what’s in there and decide what we want to release
Are you willing to open your Pandora box?

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Psyche Goddess of Love, the Search for the Soul

Working with Psyche will reveal how sensitive you are to others.

Our search for the soul, very often leads us to look for it in another, and as the old saying goes, ‘where there is other, there is fear’
Psyche’s story shows us how to be in tune on a Soul level with ourselves and others and to be able to attain a Soul Mate relationship

On this workshop, we will connect with our Souls purpose and attract to us, our Soul tribe.

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Sappho The Priestess of Love

Sappho represents the ability of a woman to be liberated. To be able to fully express her love and sexuality no matter what others say. To be able to be open to where love takes her and the strength to follow where it takes her, no matter what the obstacles.

Sappho shows what a woman’s needs are in relationships and how to get her needs met.

This workshop takes us on a journey of initiation to open fully up to Love. This journey can bring about a profound healing experience and also bring to the surface our buried ability to not only love ourselves but opens us up to universal love too.

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Urania The Queen of the Heavens, The Heavenly One

Urania shows our need to be connected to the cosmos to be ‘heard’ by the divine. In history, Urania was the muse that the great thinkers prayed to for divine inspiration. Her temples were places where you could connect to the heavens.

Urania illustrates us our capacity to connect with the heavens.

In past lives, she shows how well we connected with the heavens and where she is in our birth charts will show how we are going to continue with this knowledge in this lifetime.

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All the above Goddess images are original paintings by Pamela Matthews – see them all at

Lilith – Awakening Serpent Wisdom

This is a very powerful story of feminine courage, power and initiation. Lilith is a very potent force to encounter and awakens very powerful buried feelings with in you of the ancient Serpent Wisdom of the Serpent Queens.

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Hygeia – Goddess of Healing

On this one day workshop you will learn how to work with Hygeia’s energy presented both from an Astrological and Psychological perspective, therefore working inwardly and outwardly preparing you for the changing times ahead. Hygeia is a goddess of and symbol of holistic well being, self-empowerment, purification and healing.

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