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Birmingham Astrological Centre

Lynne Kirwan is the current director the Birmingham Astrological Centre, England, established in 1980.
Since 1980 she has also run the Astrological consultancy business Astrorainbow which continues to the present day.
Lynne taught Psychological Astrology for the Birmingham Adult Education Service from Beginners to Professional level from 1982 -2006, she continues to teach this course to the present day, all over the country, including Birmingham, with workshops and retreats in Sacred Landscapes.
Contact her for information on her current courses, workshops and retreats.

Lynne’s unique knowledge of Psychological and Spiritual Astrology for Personal Development will take you on a unique journey into your Soul’s Purpose.

At AstroRainbow, Lynne teaches daytime and evening Astrology courses from Beginners to Advanced. She has taught an average of seven courses a week successfully for over thirty years in schools and colleges all over Birmingham. These courses are written and designed by Lynne covering personal development through the use of the birth chart and what it can reveal about your Soul’s Purpose. Including all the basics of understanding your birth chart, planets, signs and  much more.

Lynne specializes in Karmic AstrologyEsoteric Astrology and Psychological Astrology and is a trained Colour Healing Therapist and Sacred Circle Dance teacher.  Lynne has a background in Transpersonal Psychology, Child Psychology, Counselling and Past Life Therapy.

As an Emerald Fire Therapist, Lynne is one of only 6 people in the world to share this extremely powerful system of accessing ancient wisdom teachings of the sacred feminine from deep archetypes of Ancient Goddesses. As a modern day Oracle teacher, an initiator into the mystery traditions and their place in our lives today, Lynne continues her past life work as a Shaman High Priestess. Lynne’s work began by spontaneously recalling several of these past lives and those of others Lynne met. This led her to studying theology and wisdom teachings from around the world. Lynne now uses this ability in her Past Life Therapy work.


Lynne is an exceptionally powerful visionary, channeller and healer. Widely respected for her ability to create a safe and powerful space in which to work, she uses her ability to call in powerful healing energies to enhance the process.

Lynne’s visionary ability began at the age of five and has continued to this day. Her Astrological career began when she was asked to teach by the Birmingham Adult Education Service having been recommended to them by her own Astrological teacher due to her exceptional ability.

Lynne has designed the courses herself based on her own training in Theology, Astrology, Wisdom teachings and Psychology, and due to this background, her courses have been described as extremely unique and are not replicated anywhere else.


Lynne’s mission is to give the public a true picture of what Astrology really is and what it can do to dispel the ignorance that surrounds the subject, so that it can be fairly judged based on correct information. She aims to bring the subject alive allowing students to personally experience the cosmos within themselves. This gives them their own unique experience of the universe which can be shared with others.

Lynne has a reputation for deep integrity setting high standards in Astrological Ethics for students to aspire to. She sees each student as setting an example to the public of the true nature of the science in order to bring the subject back to its original roots as the science of life on planet Earth. It shows us all how to flow with the Universal energy of the cosmos.

Lynne is currently being called upon to work on healing sacred sites around the world.

Photo Credit: Josephine Wall

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